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Revolutionizing Your Business with AI: Key Insights from Our Recent Workshop

Equipping businesses of all sizes, especially those with minimal technical expertise, with the power and simplicity of

AI continues to make significant strides, transforming the way businesses operate. Our recent workshop shed light on this transformation, offering a glimpse into the future of AI in business. Here are the key takeaways:

AI Agents: Revolutionizing Business Roles

The workshop was headlined by our CEO, Marco Carvalho, who illustrated the creation and application of AI Agents using These AI Agents are not merely digital tools; they are pivotal in executing various business functions. Their roles span across customer support, product specialization, and even act as digital twins, mirroring human capabilities in the digital realm.

The Rise of Digital Twins

One of the standout features of the workshop was the emphasis on the concept of digital twins. This forward-thinking approach underscores the capability of AI to simulate human interactions, thereby bridging the gap between the convenience of digital solutions and the need for personalized customer experiences. The digital twin technology signifies a major leap in how AI can be integrated seamlessly into everyday business interactions.

AI's Integral Role in Business Evolution

AI's Transformative Impact on Business

The workshop also shed light on the transformative impact of AI on modern business practices. Attendees were introduced to various ways and real-world examples in which AI is reshaping interactions and operations in the business world, marking a significant evolution in how businesses operate and engage with their customers.

Vivian: AI Specialization for your E-commerce

During the workshop, our CEO Marco Carvalho created Vivian, an AI-powered Perfume Specialist designed for e-commerce platforms like Amazon or Ebay product pages. Vivian exemplifies how AI can be specialized for specific industries, offering expert knowledge, personalized customer interactions, and an enriched e-commerce experience. This practical demonstration highlighted AI's potential to revolutionize customer service in niche markets. Experience Vivian's capabilities firsthand here:

Take the Next Step: Create Your First AI Agent for Free

Ready to embark on your own AI journey? Start for free and create your first AI agent. Visit to begin exploring the possibilities of AI in your business. This is your opportunity to leverage the power of AI and transform your business practices. Witness the difference AI can make in your organization!

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